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  • 75 & 90 Ball (UK) option
  • Blackout, classic, patterns, corners
  • Speech & Sound Effects
  • Live multiplayer chat
  • Auto-daub & Card Sorting
  • Progresssive Pot option
  • 1,2,3 Away Detection
  • Chat Emoticons
  • Animated Graphics
  • Put your Ads Onscreen!
  • You own registration data
  • Played for fun/points only
  • Automated Events

Private Game Tables for Your Website
BINGO B: 34.95 per month2 Private Tables, 20 Simultaneous Players
BINGO C: 64.95 per month3 Private Tables, 50 Simultaneous Players
BINGO D: 134.95 per month4 Private Tables, 100 Simultaneous Players

Administration Features
  • Edit and Export Players
  • Configure Games
  • Customize Game Lobby
  • Game Reports
  • Automatic Point Resets
  • HTML and API Code Samples
  • ..And much more!

Please Note

  1. Private Rooms are rooms that can only be accessed from your website, by players who registered through your website.
  2. Maximum # of Players is the number of your registered players who can play at the same time.
  3. Tournaments are special bingo events you can schedule to run on certain times and days in your private bingo rooms to award a special point prize to the biggest winner.


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