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Ideal For
   Bars & Restaurants
   Dating & Friendship websites
   Affiliate Portals
   Message Forum Sites
   Online Clubs & Nonprofits
   E-Commerce Sites

  • Multiple splits
  • Insurance, Double Down options
  • Animated chips/dealer
  • Speech & Sound Effects
  • Rebet / Skip turn
  • Live multiplayer chat
  • Played for fun/points only

Private Game Tables for Your Website

BJACK A: 14.95 per month1 Private Tables
BJACK B: 27.95 per month2 Private Tables
BJACK C: 59.95 per month5 Private Tables
BJACK D: 124.95 per month10 Private Tables

Administration Features
  • Edit and Export Players
  • Configure Games
  • Customize Game Lobby
  • Game Reports
  • Automatic Point Resets
  • HTML and API Code Samples
  • ..And much more!

Please Note

  1. Private Tables are tables that can only be accessed from your website, by players who registered through your website.
  2. Maximum # of Players is the number of your registered players who can play at the same time.


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